Budget Blitz for Android

Privacy Policy

1. The Budget Blitz application for Android does not collect or transmit any personal user information (personal data and financial transaction data) without the user's authorization. The application is able to work without an Internet connection (off-line), however some functions can work in this case less efficiently.

2. The application uses a connection to the Internet for:

2.1. receiving information on exchange rates;

2.2. synchronization with other Budget Blitz applications only directed by the user;

2.3. exchanging SMS and push notification import settings;

2.4. storing backups on cloud services in which the user is registered (currently Dropbox supported only). When storing information in cloud services, data protection and data handling are performed in accordance with rules and policies established by the administration of the relevant cloud service. Passwords specified by the user in the application are not collected and not transferred to third parties;

2.5. sending information about errors during program execution to the developer. The error information does not contain user data.

2.6. gathering application usage statistics in the Free version only in purpose of improving app.

3. The application accesses the file storage of the mobile device (USB Storage) for storing backup copies.

4. The application accesses the contacts of the mobile device to provide an ability to user of copying persons from the address book.

5. The application accesses to SMS and mobile device notifications only to automatically convert the message into a financial transaction.

6. The application accesses to the Internet network status to automatically start downloading currency rates and synchronize with other Budget Blitz applications.